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About us

We are a non-profit organization

Located in Barcelona. We are a benchmark in the promotion of textile circularity at the Spanish level since its foundation in 2016. Under the direction of Núria Nubiola, a graduate in Environmental Sciences, we have stood out for our innovation and courage in committing to production with reused and recycled fabrics at a national level. local and for transparency in our way of doing things.


We are facilitators. We help people, companies and institutions in their transition towards a more sustainable textile universe and we do it with a systemic approach; where beyond what we integrate into our projects a sociocultural, economic and strategic vision.


We seek to transform the way in which textiles are produced, consumed and managed, promoting ecodesign in the first instance, its reuse and industrial recycling. We aspire to build a future where textiles generate a positive impact at all levels.

Nothing turns into rejection.

Our history

In 2013, we undertook a project that we are now excited to share with you. We are a non-profit organization, founded in Barcelona. Since our beginnings, we have worked to transform the textile sector and make it more circular.

We are unique in our species and we want to tell you why

More than 30 tons

of textile waste that we have transformed into new materials

Large volume management

of textile waste and its transformation into new threads and fabrics

A sustainable team

Led by a graduate in environmental sciences and a designer with a master’s degree in sustainable design

More than 7 years

of experience in textile recycling

Large textile industries

with whom we work from all over the territory

Own specialized workshop

in textile waste handling

More than 25,000 products

put into circulation

More than 150 companies

have trusted us

Traceable processes

and transparent from waste management to final packaging

Our values


We are committed to promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of the textile industry, from production to consumption and waste .management.


We have carried out different innovation projects to find disruptive solutions to the challenge of textile recycling.


We have the traceability of our materials and we strive to promote awareness and good practices throughout our value chain.


We firmly believe in networking, which is why we work closely with people, companies and institutions to promote change and generate a positive impact.


We seek to generate a positive social impact through eco-social and community projects, promoting the inclusion of different social groups.


We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that are durable and repairable.

Reasons to join BTE

our planet
Recycling allows us to save on extractions, crops, agrochemicals, pesticides, water consumption, among other actions that have a negative impact on the planet.
Our work processes benefit the local community: spinners, weavers, workshops, suppliers, etc. Ee activate our economy and generate a spiral of benefits.
climate change
With our recycling process, we save on emissions, processing, transportation of primary resources and CO2 emissions. The energy of our workshop and offices come from renewable energies.
Since its creation, our workshop has been training and employing people at risk of social exclusion and currently employs four people.
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