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Workshop BTE

We have our own workshop specialized in waste handling and textile reconfection from post-consumer materials. We are pioneers in this specialty in Spain.

Our objetive

Promote positive change in the industry, promoting responsible practices both in ethics with workers and in the type of product we make.

Since 2016

We have rescued more than 30 tons of materials that could have been waste but have been rescued and 25% of their material has been converted into new products

How does BTE work?

In the case of recycled fabrics

We offer the possibility of processing textile waste through industrial waste recycling. The resulting fabric is worked like a conventional fabric to produce new products. An example of this work is the project carried out with Banco Santander.

Cutting and sewing workshop

Our ethical and local workshop makes your productions and services such as Pattern Making, Prototyping and Clothing.

Ecodesign and product pattern making

This stage includes the definition of materials to be used and confirmation of their availability (especially in terms of textile waste).

Product customization

With screen printing, embroidery or dyes, always working with local collaborators and prioritizing those that belong to the social economy sector. Also the inclusion of information about the production process of the product.

We only work with sustainable materials

Mainly circular materials, whether reused or recycled, (making the most of it by avoiding the extraction and production of new resources), but also with ecological fabrics that we buy from local suppliers.

Post Consumer Denim

Fabric from pre-consumer jeans with LEVI’S brand defect and post-consumer from Solidança, from collection points of LEVI’s stores in Spain and donations and collection campaigns organized by Back To Eco in companies, schools and other organizations.

Infinite Denim fabric

Eco-recycled twill fabric produced in Catalonia by Back To Eco. 100% cellulosic fibers, polyester free. Composition: 25% post-consumer denim, 25% pre-consumer cotton from local workshops and 50% Ecovero, vegetable fiber from organic farming.

Infinit Denim Knit Fabric

Eco-recycled knit fabric produced in Catalonia by Back To Eco. 100% cellulosic fibers, polyester free. Composition: 15% post-consumer denim, 15% pre-consumer cotton from cut waste from local workshops and 70% Ecovero, organically grown vegetable fiber.

Do you have textile waste?

If you are a company that has textile waste and you are looking for what to do with it, you can write to us at and we can help you find a way out.

BTE project: Optima Back to Eco

This 2023 the “Optima Back To Eco” Project has started, which seeks greater specialization and progress in the use of new technologies to optimize processes and increase the possibilities of circularity. In this project we seek the collaboration of companies that are interested in testing the possibilities of reusing their by-products or disposable materials. For now we are working with IRONMAN materials; SKFK, LEVI’S and TOUS…If you think you have a post-consumer material that can be the basis for innovation and the search for possibilities, you can contact Núria at

Where are we located?

We are located in the Center of Barcelona. You can visit us as a potential client or as an academic center through our Circular Visits

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