Circular solutions


For 7 years

We are a professional partner in the textile circularity industry and have dedicated ourselves to the production and processing of post-consumer textiles for subsequent use and re-confection.

Our objetive

Help companies ensure that their textile products have the minimum environmental impact both at their origin and at the end of their life cycle.

We select, crush, spin, weave and create

a new product from a material that could be considered waste and we do it locally.

Our specialized workshop

Here we can directly cut and reuse the fabric to turn it into a new eco-designed product that, in addition to saving waste to the environment, will have an environmental impact close to zero.

About waste

We can work with the customer’s own waste or we can look for that waste thanks to different collaborations we have with waste managers in Catalonia or companies linked to the textile sector that want to recirculate their waste and seek collaborations in this line.

We work with a network of collaborators with whom the textile waste is processed until it becomes a new product.

For the rest of the areas we work as technical and logistical coordinators, coordinating all the stages of the recycling process.

We assume certain phases directly:

Material handling


Final product production

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