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Practical experiences

Our objetive

Our experience and trajectory since its inception has been linked to the dissemination and education around the values and possibilities of circularity in the textile sector. We carry out workshops, experiences and conferences with textile circularity as the thematic axis.

All our actions have a transforming approach that seeks to awaken a critical and innovative look at the challenges and sustainable development objectives that companies and institutions face.

What are circular practical experiences about?

We offer different types of practical experiences suitable for all levels and where you can learn and think about circularity first-hand.

Open Workshops

Workshops designed for outdoor events such as fairs, markets, meetings or festivities that want to incorporate an activity open to the public, easy to do and sustainable.

Collective Workshops

Workshops designed to be done in closed spaces where we begin by explaining what circularity is for us and we make our own product from it.

Workshops in our space

For groups of 4 to 8. It is a 2-hour workshop, where you will make a tote bag or a string backpack with post-consumer jeans and you will be able to customize colors, pockets, decorations, among other things. We give you the ideas and you put your creativity to fly.

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